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Top 5 uses of dumped tablets

Re-Tab-CycleIf you have kept aside your budget tablet due to its limited performance capabilities, then think again it can be reused for various purpose. Here are list of its uses. 1. Maps And Navigation Get a car mount and car charger to fix the tablet in car, its large screen can be used for viewing maps and navigation. 2. E-book reader. Use Kindle or Google Play Books, Aldiko, Moon+ reader etc. to turn your tablet into e-Reader. 3. Digital Photo Frame Using a desk stand, you can use your old tablet like a digital photo frame. you will have to get apps like Google Photos or Digital Photo Frame Slide show. 4. Wi-fi Router This is only applicable on tablets with 4G support. If your tablet has 4G data capability, you can keep it connected to power, install a data SIM in it and enable Wi-Fi Hotspot. 5. Security Camera Set up your tablet on a desk or table and then use it as a remote security camera. You can use free apps like IP WebCam App to achieve this.

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